The things that I see

The things I come across. This was in my bag or carrots. It was about 4 am and I pulled this out while I was making a salad for my husband’s lunch. Yes, 4 am. I’m at work by 6 am.

Anyway, I have been trying to think of different things that this looks like. The first thing I saw was legs. It looks like one is popped a little.

I guess it’s silly to think about these things, but at 4 am you will do anything to stay awake!


Kids Are Gross

For real… Kids are gross. I am allowed to say this because I have one and I used to teach children.

My husband is recovering from a cold that knocked him on his behind, I am on antibiotics for one of worst sinus infections I have ever had (and I get them a lot), and now my son has a case of strep throat that hit like a truck overnight.

All I want to do is open all of the windows and get these germs out, but its only 20°. Oh well. At least we have corned beef ready for dinner. Maybe I should be happy I am all stuffed up!

I Blame the Dishes!

Winters in New England are cold. Mom always said you will catch a cold going outside with wet hair. Does that mean washing dishes when it’s cold out will give me this God awful sinus infection? I know, it doesn’t, but I want to find something to blame this on.

Now anyone who knows me knows I am no stranger to sinus infections. I get a minimum of three a year but this one is the worst I have had in a long time. I gave in and went to the doctor yesterday after doing everything I could do on my own. He prescribed me antibiotics last night and now I feel worse. Are you kidding me?! Without getting into the gross details I am pretty sure I will not be getting out of bed today. Of course it’s Saturday and the better if the two days if the weekend. Granted 40° F is chilly to most, but after single digits in the winter I will take it! So with that said, I am blaming the dishes and letting my husband do them! He will love the honor.

On a side not, the repair man came with the part he ordered and it didn’t fix the problem so we are still waiting. At least the landlord is paying for it!

First World Problems

First World Problems.

Whenever I see people complain on the internet about how their seat warmer is broken or they can’t get a massage because the therapist has the day off I cringe. Things could be much worse. Then I caught myself cringing at myself!

Our dishwasher is broken… I know, dishwashers are a luxury, but one I really do love!

Let’s be honest, washing dishes sucks! Dishpan hands. Soaking pans. Sponges that grow bacteria.

Then there is the drying process. You can either dry dishes as you go or let them air dry. I prefer the latter. Mostly because I just want it to be over with. I always say I will dry later and then later comes and goes and I am still looking at them. At least I have found a way to make a game of it.

Playing “Dish Jenga” as I lovingly call it is always a gamble. Sometimes things get dry, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes stay where you put them and sometimes they don’t. Then you realize you need the wooden spoon and pot at the bottom of the pile. I always lose “Dish Jenga”. 🤬